Arms in the chapel


Arms of the college benefactors are displayed on the chapel ceiling.

Diagram of coffer ceiling looking up.

A) College impaling Dalling (master)

B) Norwich impaling the Founder

C) Robert Goodknape fellow 1464
Sable a lion passant [Argent]. On a chief Azure two helmets Argent, on a canton Argent, a letter G Gules.

D) W. Spicer (Benefactor 1536 [3:109])
Sable a chevron Ermine between three towers Argent.

E) Norwich impaling Nykke

F) Laurence Moptyd Master of Ben'et College 1553-7
Gyronny Gules and Argent, on an inescutcheon Argent, a cinquefoil Azure.

G) College impaling Huke (Master 1512-1520)

H) See of Canterbury impaling Archbishop Simon of Sudbury d.1381

Canterbury: Azure, a crozier in pale Or, ensigned with a cross formee Argent surmounted by a pall of the last, edged and fringed of the second, charged with four crosses formee fitchee Sable. [1]

Sudbury: Argent, on a cross Azure, a letter M Argent crowned Or. [1 Gives Sudbury as 1375-1881 alias Tybold Bp of London Azure a talbot seiant and bordure engrailed Argent, - in a window at Trinity Hall from Cole's MSS vol xxvii f166 but also cites Argent on a cross Azure the letter M crowned Or-- MSS Lamb.555]

I) College impaling Mowse (Master 1552-3,1555-)

J) Gabriel Dunne (Canon of St Paul's d.1558)
(Sable/Azure), a lion rampant and a chief Argent.

K) Winchester impaling Gardiner (Master 1525) and College surrounded by order of Garter.

L) Dr Busby
Or three arrows palewise [Argent] on a chief Azure, three mullets Argent.

M) College impaling Harvey (Master 1555-1584)

N) Canterbury impaling Parker

O) College impaling Eden (Master 1626-45)

South Wall

(East to West)

College impaling Latham (master 1888-1902)

Lloyd (master 1710-35)

John Andrew (Fellow 1706-41. d.1747 aged 76)
Quarterly 1 & 4) Gules, on a Saltire Or, a saltire Azure.
2 & 3) Ermine, two bars Sable goutté d'Or.

North Wall

(East to West)

Brass: Royal Arms, England, University, College

Eden (master 1626-45) [With crescent Or]


Brass: Founder and Cowell (master 1598-1611)
Slate: College impaling King (master 1645,1660-76)


North: South:

Lloyd (master 1710-55)

Geldart (master 1852-77)


Runcie window: East: [Westcott House] Azure a cross Or between four lions rampant Argent impaling Gules a bend within a bordure Argent charged with 12 pellets.
Brasenose: Or a chevron between 3 roses Gules. impaling Or beneath a mitre an inescutcheon charged with two lions passant and a chief; impaling
Quarterly 1 & 4) Argent a chevron between three [ships], 2 & 3) a chevron between 3 crosses crosslet Sable.
College crested (but engrailed).
Newcastle: Gules a cross between four lions passant Or on a chief of the second three castles of the first. (Runcie was ordained by the bishop of Newcastle)
Runcie window: West: [St Albans] Azure a saltire Or, overall a sword Argent pommelled and crowned Or.
Canterbury impaling Runcie: Argent a fess Sable pierced with three crosses between 3 roses Gules.
[Cuddesdon College]: Sable a fess Argent between three [ ] and an ox on a point unduly Argent and Azure; impaling Argent an eagle displayed Sable, pierced with a mullet.
West wall: Geldart impaling Argent a lozenge bendwise between two bendlets Gules on a chief Sable two Garbs Or. (Perhaps Thomas Cooke of Pendlebury & Corsefield near Manchester- Geldart's Father in Law.)
Brasses in South Wall Pannelling: East to West Daniel Darnelly d.23 September 1659. 3 fleurs de lys two and one; on a chief a demi-lion rampant [2: `issuant']
Thomas Bilney d.19 August 1801 [ ] An eagle displayed []
With floor brasses Thomas Prestone: d.June 1598 aged 60
Quarterly 1 & 4) 2 bars. On a canton a cinquefoil.
2 & 3) 3 mullets 2 & 1.
Overall a crescent for difference.