The Masters.

Lists of the masters are given in Crawley [3:pps 219-221] and in Warren [2:pps13-14]. Most of the following arms are taken from Warren's descriptions of tables in the master's lodge, and corroborated from depictions round the college site.

1350 Robert (de) Stretton or Stratton
Argent on a bend Sable, three fleurs de lys Or.

1355 Adam Walker or Wickmer
Party per fess Vert and Argent, two martlets counterchanged.

1384 Robert Branch or Braunch, Canon of Chichester. d.1436
Argent, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules surmounted by a bendlet of the second.

1413 Henry Wells d.1431
Or, three piles meeting with three points in base Gules, on a canton Argent a mullet Sable,

1426 [2] has an unidentified master here, [3] claims Wells resigned in 1429.

1429 Marmaduke Lumley d.16 December 1450
Or, a chief Gules.

1443 Simon Dalling
Ermine, on a bend Sable, three acorns slipped Or; a crescent Gules for difference.

See also William Dalling below.

1453 Simon Thornham
Gules, a lion passant guardant between three mascles Or.

1471 William Dalling d.1501
As Simon, his uncle, but no differencing. (Warren states that it is not certain which Dalling has which arms.)
At chapel ceiling and F staircase

1502 Edward Shrouldham Canon of Lincoln d.1503
Sable, on a fess Argent three crescents of the first between three shovellers of the second.

1503-5 [3] suggests a vacancy here.

1505 & 1509 John Wright resigned 1512, d.1519.
Sable, a chevron engrailed between three fleurs de lys Or, on a chief of the second, three lozenges Azure.

1512 Walter Huke or Hewke d.1517 or 1518
Or, a pile Gules between two trefoils slipped Vert, three crescents of the field two and one.
At chapel ceiling and F staircase

1520 & 1527 Thomas Larke resigned 1525, died 1530. (Perhaps surveyor for the building of King's college chapel before becoming master)
Gules, a saltire Argent between four pairs of lark's legs erased Or, saltirewise.
chapel monument

1525 Stephen Gardiner Ejected before February 1552, reinstated 1553. died master 12 November 1555. Bishop of Winchester (1531-1550, deprived then restored 1553-6), Lord Chancellor of England and Chancellor of University.
Azure, on a cross Or between four griffin's heads erased Argent, a cinquefoil Gules pierced of the second. [1: MSS College of Arms] [Warren: a rose Gules seeded of the second]

Visible at chapel ceiling

1549 Walter Haddon February 1552. Left to become president of Magdalene, Oxford October 1552. d.24 Jan 1571
Or, a man's leg couped at the thigh Azure.

1552 William Mouse October 1552. removed 1553, reinstated 1555. Probably resigned before 1559. d.1588.
Or, on a fess between three annulets in chief and as many in base two and one Sable, a cross patee of the field.
Visible at chapel ceiling, F staircase and Mouse's arms O staircase

1555 Henry Harvey Vice Chancellor 1560. d.20 February 1585
Or, a chevron and in chief three leopard's heads Gules.
Visible at Harvey's arms O staircase

1584 Thomas Preston Vice Chancellor 1589. d.1 June 1598
Argent, two bars, on a canton Gules, a cinquefoil Or.

1598 John Cowell Vice Chancellor 1603 & 1604. d.11 October 1611
Argent, three chevronels Sable, each charged with a bezant, all between two crescents in chief and another in base Gules.
Visible at chapel monument

1611 Clement Corbett Chancellor of Chester, Vice Chancellor 1613. d.28 May 1652
Or, a raven proper, a crescent for difference Sable. (Warren's description of glass in the master's lodge gives the crescent as Argent)
Visible in CorbettHall

1626 Thomas Eden Chancellor of Ely. d.18 July 1645
Argent, on a fess Gules three garbs Or, all between two chevrons Azure, each of the last being charged with three escallops of the field. A crescent for difference Sable.

Crest: a demi-dragon holding a slip of a rose bush.
Visible at chapel ceiling, chapel monument, Eden's arms G staircase, Eden's arms O staircase, the Master's lodge, Eden's arms Eden's armsHall, Porters' lodge

1645 & 1660 (recalled) Robert King [3: resigned before admission because of House of Commons objections. ] d.5 November 1676
Sable, a lion rampant, double tailed Argent, armed and lang'd Gules.

1645 John Bond d.July 1676
Or, a fess Sable. Crest: on a wreath of the colours a pegasus Sable charged with six stars Or.

1676 Thomas Exton Advocate General, Chancellor of London. d.Nov 1688.
Quarterly: 1 & 4 Gules, a cross between twelve crosses crosslet fitchee Or. 2 & 3 Or, a cross engrailed party per pale Gules and Sable, on a chief of the second, a lion passant of the first.
These arms can be seen in the top left-hand corner of Logan's print

1688 George Oxenden d.21 February 1703.
Argent, a chevron Gules between three oxen passant Sable.
Visible at G Staircase

1702 George Bramston d.3 June 1710
Or, on a fess Sable, three plates.

1710 Sir Nathaniel Lloyd Resigned. d.10 March 1741
1 & 4) per fess Sable and Argent, a lion rampant counter changed.
2 & 3) Argent a chevron Gules between two pheons in chief pointing at one another and a third in base pointing upwards Sable.

Visible at G Staircase chapel gallery and chapel monument

1735 Sir Edward Simpson d.20 May 1764.

1764 Sir James Marriot d.21 March 1803

1803 Sir Wiliam Wynne d.1815

1815 Thomas Le Blanc d.1843

1843 Sir Herbert Jenner-Fust

1852 Thomas Charles Geldart
Vert, a lion rampant between three arrows palewise two and one, at the chief a mullet Or.
Visible at G Staircase chapel vestry. and chapel gallery.

1877 Sir Henry James Sumner Main

1888 Henry Latham d.15 April 1902, 81 yrs old
Or, on a chief indented Azure, three plates, over all a bendlet Gules. [6:p586] Gives Latham of Bradwall co. Chester as Erminois on a chief indented Azure, 3 bezants; overall a bendlet Gules.
chapel monument

1902 Edward Anthony Beck b.21 March 1848 d.12 April 1916

1919 Henry Bond resigned d.5 June 1938.

1929 Henry Roy Dean retired 1954. d.13 Feb 1961.

1955 Sir William Ivor Jennings d.19 Dec 1965

1966 William Alexander Deer resigned Sept. 1975.

1975 Theodore Morris Sugden

1986 Sir John Lyons retired September 2000

October 2000 Professor Peter Clarke

2005 Professor Martin Daunton

Other college members

Also of note is Warren whose book has been so invaluable in compiling this document.

Warren 1683-1744, Vice master 172?-1744 fellow 1712-45.
Gules a lion rampant Argent, a chief chequey Or and Azure. Crest: a dragon's head.

Nykke (or Nyx Bishop of Norwich 1501-1536, member of college in 1470s)
Or a chevron between three Leopards' faces Gules. [1: seal also gives on the chevron a cinquefoil of the field from 5]
Visible at chapel ceiling G staircase and F staircase

Archbishop Parker. (Mathew ABp.1559-1575)
Gules, a chevron Argent pierced with three stars between as many keys Azure, palewise two and one. [1 gives estoiles from MSS Lambeth 555 & Seal.]
Visible at chapel ceiling and F staircase