The College

College arms

Sable, a crescent within a bordure Ermine.

Crest: On a Wreath of the colours, a lion sejant Gules, holding in its right paw a book Sable leaved and clasped Or.

This grant of arms by the Clarenceaux king of arms, dated 17th September 1575 is quoted in Warren's book [2] as: ``Sables a Cressant a border ermyns and to the Creast uppon the Healme on a wreath Silver and Sables a Lion Seant Gules holding a Booke the Cover Sables the Leaves gold manteled Gules dobeled Siluer.'' The grant is ``at the insistance of Henry Hervey Esquier Doctor of Law.'' Warren notes that the picture accompanying the grant of arms shows Ermine and not Ermynes showing that the confusion surrounding the college arms is as old as the arms themselves. More clearly we would blazon the college arms as above.

Around the college, these arms are often seen, either alone or impaling masters' arms as a sign of their office. They should not be confused with the founder's arms as is so frequently the case. (For instance the founder's arms in front court where Ermine spots have incorrectly been painted on the border, though the underlying carving can be seen to be correct. Logan's print and Eden Lilley college photographs also show the college arms incorrectly engrailed.)

The college arms on the end wall of the library.