The Founder

Bishop William Bateman of Norwich
?-1355 (died at Avignon. Bishop of Norwich 1344-55)

Sable a crescent Ermine within a bordure engrailed Argent. [1: Seal, 5]

In books held in the library and presented by the founder, we find the figure: ``Sable between the horns of a crescent Ermine, a cross patee Argent.''[2]. [2] also quotes the statute book (probably Dr Hervy) as saying that the bishop's father William (a bailiff in Norwich) and elder brother Bartholemew (a knight) bore ``Sable a coat sylver and Sables thre cressants ermyn with a Scochion engrayled''. The second brother (an abbot) had two crescents.

See of Norwich: Azure three mitres with their labels Or. [1]

The founder's arms, impaled by Norwich over B staircase. [Incorrectly painted.]