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I am a new media artist, sculptor, photographer and computer vision researcher working in New York. My principal media are electronic images, welded steel and landscape art with found materials. For a description of the unifying themes in my art, informed by my research, please read my statement, resume, and publications. The pages showing my art works are organised by media, or you can visit the focus page for a selection of recent work, or the shows page for shows. .


ElectronicaWorks in digital media Landscape artCairns and more
SculptureWorks in steel and other media DesignFurniture, lighting and furnishings


Landscape, cartography, identity, biometrics, science, religion, language, texts, interactive multimedia, artificial life, video, sculpture, photography, earthworks.

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Newer portfolios include `Man and Rock in the Shimshal Valley', a set of photographs showing the interaction of people and the environment in the Shimshal valley of Pakistan; and "Thirty-six views of a cairn in the Hudson Valley" - translation and transformation of a single cairn, adapting to the environment.