Sougia to Lissos

4km ~1 hour 150m ascent. Clear waymarking, rough path.


This walk starts at the jetty of Sougia [Σουγία], where the ferry from Paleochora/Hora Sfakion docks (N35 14.774 E23 48.369)  this is at the West end of the beach. Follow the track West of the landing stage, past the small concrete harbour and round the south side of a small cliff with caves in, passing through a goat fence. Throughout the whole route there are black and yellow markings of the E4 footpath, and very frequent small cairns.

The path turns inland, heading West up a gorge. The good, cairn-marked path follows the valley floor. After 25 minutes, you reach a point (N35 14.809 E23 47.804) where the path doubles back to the left and zig-zags up the valley side onto a rocky plateau.  The path is clear from wear and cairns, and heads WSW to another valley that opens to a cove with a beach. From this point, you can see a chapel by the beach, and stone-built tombs on the far side of the valley.


The path descends past a cave (N35 14.623 E23 47.216) and then to the ruins of the Asclepion (N35 14.620 E23 47.125) of Lissos [Λισος], surrounded by a chain-link fence. Here you can see a 1st Century mosaic <below>, various carved stones, and some Greek inscriptions.

From here, you can cross the valley to the barrel-vaulted tombs (N35 14.468 E23 47.085) <below, right>passing a small church with frescoes <below, left>.

Church, Lissos

It may be possible to arrange in advance a boat to return to Sougia. (Or even arrange a package from Paleochora, including a guided walk, ferry to Sougia and boat return from Lissos to Sougia,)


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