Tsaliana to Vlithias via Kondokinigi


Steep ascent on a track, then rough walking along a ridge. From Kondokinigi a path and then picking your way through thorns.


This joins up with two other walks (to Tsaliana and Plemeniana to Vlithias).

Start at the bridge of Tsaliana on the Paleochora-Voutas road. Follow the road north for a few hundred metres to where a track leads up to the left (West) between two concrete pillars. (barred and locked with a bent reinforcing rod).

Climb up the track which zig-zags high above the road, with great views South East across Tsaliana. This passes a rock tomb on the right hand side, and eventually comes out on the ridge top by a small church. The track continues south along the ridge “to Paleochora” (as I was told by the farmer who brought me here in his truck).

Instead of this, follow a less clear track Northwards to the right of the church. The track soon turns into a path, but remains clear and keeping right of the crest of the ridge, passing a deep rock cut tomb before crossing over to remain on the left (West) of the ridge for the remainder of the way to the road. The path is in places paved, in others cut into the rock. In some places it is unclear which branch to take, but the correct route soon becomes apparent.

Finally descend off the West of the ridge to a track (by a large bounder in a small rock-fall surmounted by a metal irrigation pipe- hard to spot coming from this side) which leads gently up a short way to join the Kondokinigi-Voutas road close to a pass.

Turn right up to the pass, where a track leads right up to a church on the ridge crest (open, no frescoes), and continue down the road into the bridge and road junction of Kondokinigi.


At the junction, turn right (South towards Tsaliana and Paleochora) and you soon come to a track leading off to the left, leading to a white church that can be seen a few metres above the road. Take this track and follow it past the church (mostly white-washed inside, with new marble floors, but remains of some frescoes in the apse) then it switches back to the left and you come to a fork. Take the left fork which leads to a house, but where the track turns left 20m before the house, you can ascend a path up a steep earth bank to the right. This follows the left (“True right bank”) of a stream bed, in a channel that is sometimes quite deep and overgrown with grasses. A short way up the hillside, the path crosses the stream and rises away from it, past a cave, then switches back towards the stream, heading for the lowest point of the pass, where it crosses at the same point as the telegraph pole.


On the other side of the hill, the path is less clear, but goat trails lead straight off the shoulder between two smaller valleys, eventually settling into the left-hand one (the right contains a couple of ruined buildings) and crossing its streambed at about the next telegraph pole. Countouring through the thorns here is possible, making for the next telegraph pole which marks the end of a bulldozed track. This track leads off around the hillside, descending gently all the way to a ford. Climb beyond the ford passing a couple of houses and eventually coming into Vlithias below the new church. From here you can return to the West side of the valley to continue to Kalithea and Plemeniana or ascend to the Plemeniana-Paleochora road.


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