Karfi - Lassithi Plateau

80 minutes up, 3.5km 350 m ascent

A walk up to the post-Minoan settlement of Karfi. See the Rough Guide to Crete for details. The Rough Guide gives an alternative route to get to Karfi. from the East.

Start at a map (above) (N35 12.201 E25 28.728) by the side of the road between Lagou (Λαγού)  and Tzermiado (Τζερμιάδο) and follow the trail NW which soon climbs up through a gate (N35 12.329 E25 28.553). The cobbled trail leads up round the West side of the hill.

At one point blue arrows indicate a side turn, but this is not apparent, and should be ignored. Continue to a clear, signed junction (N35 12.449 E25 28.176 ) and turn right. Here you begin to see views North beyond the Lassithi plateau, in the direction of Krasi and the sea. Continue down below ruins of windmills (below) through a gate (N35 12.729 E25 27.968).

The track becomes a path and heads up to the NorthEast, through one switchback and finally coming to signs for the Archaeological site at a spring with Inscriptions on marble blocks (below). (N35 12.729 E25 27.968).

 Continue NE up to the ridge where you can actually find the ruins of the post-Minoan settlement of Karfi (Καρφί- below)

(N35 13.060 E25 28.233).  A signpost on the ridge top indicates that a path ascends the ridge from the East (as does the Rough Guide), but I did not follow it.



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