Voutas to Gialos via Agia Theodori


This follows paved, but little-trafficked roads throughout. 11km 300m ascent.


Start at Voutas [Βουτάς] and take the narrow road West from the central turn, signposted for Elafonissi [Ελαφονησι]. At the next junction, there are various signs, including one for Hasi, without an arrow. Turn left, following the valley, and after this crosses the river, wind along the West side of the Pelekaniotikos valley before climbing up through the (unsigned) hamlet of Hassi (Ηασι). Continue winding West, onto the north side of the mast-topped Hassiou Korifi [Χασσιου Κορυφη], with good views first to the East and then to the North- the radar dome-topped Sklavopoula [Σκλαβοπούλα] (1016m).

Figure 1: View north to Sklavopoula


Wind through Azogires [Αζογυρές] (again unmarked and not to be confused with the Azogires NE of Paleochora: N35 16.338 E23 43.176) and finally come to a staggered cross-roads (N35 17.011 E23 37.496).

Figure 2: Panoramic view from the crossroads above Azogires

Turn left towards the sea, rounding the West side of the Hassiou Korifi.  Soon you come to a small village, Agios Theodori (N35 16.640 E23 37.159) just above a hairpin bend. You can go through the village on a dirt track to come to a church (N35 16.343 E23 37.277). The trail continues on a short way from there, with signs of a footpath continuing south.

Figure 3: View of Agia Theodori from the church.


From the lower side of the Agia Theodori hairpin (N35 16.609 E23 37.139) , strike out left to cut out the next hairpin, and rejoin the road. From here, follow the road down to Koundoura [Κουντουρά], occasionally being able to short cut hairpins, (e.g. at N35 15.545 E23 36.532). In Koundoura, join the road that leads back to Gialos [Γυαλος] and Paleochora.


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