Mont Blanc 2000

Saturday 15th July

Andrew's bivvy site in the woods by St.Gervais Lafayette.

Sunday 16th July

Mont Blanc from the Aiguille du Midi.

Daniel and Robin preparing in the ice tunnel at the Aiguille du Midi.

View from the ice tunnel.

Daniel and Robin roping up at the ice tunnel.

Monday 17th July

Campsite on the Glacier du Geant, with Mont Blanc de Tacul behind.

The ridge to the glacier seen from the Telepherique.
The valley from near the Barraque after getting off the tramway.
Chamois near the Barraque.
Dome du gouter
Sunset from behind the barraque. Robin and Daniel behind the barraque. Tete rousse glacier

Tuesday 18th July

Robin on the arrete ascent after the grande couloir Looking down the arrete. Bionassay from the Gouter hut.

Wednesday 19th July

Preparing to leave the Gouter hut at 1am.
Sunrise seen from near the summit.
The summit ridge, around 6am.
Daniel, Robin and Andrew at the summit.
The Slovenians with champagne at the summit. The ridge beyond the summit Summit and its shadow on the clouds.
Robin and Daniel on the summit of Mont Blanc

The way down- the Dome du Gouter Passing people on the ridge Robin on the way down
Looking back at the summit Down the the Gouter and beyond to the Chamonix valley Aiguille de Bionassay
And and Dan All three of us at the Gouter
Looking down at the Glacier du
Tete Rousse with the hut at the top left.
Looking up the crowded arrete
we've just descended
Crowds after crossing the Grand Couloir The grand couloir
Robin posing by the Tete Rouse Glacier

Friday 21st July

Our rock route- up the arete on the left, then abseil down to the col.

The Mont Blanc Massif

Daniel setting up at the base of the climb Daniel leading off Robin waiting to climb
Robin below the pinnacle we climbed Daniel photographing Robin Daniel and Robin reaching for the crampon
that fell in a crevice.
Alpenglow - a late descent after missing the telepherique

Saturday 22nd July

Daniel at the campsite in Chamonix

The ridge off the ice cave at the
Aiguille du Midi, seen from the cable car
Daniel and Robin in front of the
Aiguille du Midi
Daniel and Robin at the summit
of Mont Blanc de Tacul
Looking out towards Mont Boue
Daniel and Robin descending
from the summit
Andrew and Robin about to go below
the seracs on the way down.
All three of us back at the ice cave on the Aiguille du Midi.

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