Shibboleth- recording video

Amcap This is a link to an executable program distributed by Microsoft. I have scanned it and found it free of viruses, though if you have a virus scanner you can check it yourself. Click on the link, and download it to a folder on your disk, then double click on the icon in the folder to run the program.

When you run the program, you can use the Devices menu to choose from the available devices, both for audio and video. If there's a microphone in the camera, choose this. If not, choose an external microphone over an internal one.

Also use the File--Set Capture Devicesmenu to choose where to save your recording will be put.

Use the preview (Options--preview) if not already selected) function to line yourself up in the screen so your eyes are about half way up and your head is fully in the frame. Also make sure Capture Audio is checked in the Capture menu.

Click Start Capture and record yourself saying the following words or phrases.

Say each word in your normal accent, with a pause between lines. If you don't know how to say a word, make an attempt anyway.

  1. Shibboleth
  2. ask
  3. h (the letter of the alphabet)
  4. half
  5. car
  6. castle
  7. tomato
  8. water
  9. been
  10. lalapaloosa
  11. visit
  12. about
  13. thither
  14. about
  15. rasgullah
  16. clothes
  17. Bother, father caught hot coffee in the car park.
  18. Scheveningen (Dutch town)
  19. perejil (Spanish word for parsley in Dominica)
Press <escape> once you're done. If you made a mistake, choose Start Capture again and it will record over the same file. To see & hear the file, choose it in Windows explorer and double click. Windows media player or another application should open it and play the sound/video. If there's silence, check your sound output is working, and then check that you're recording from the right device in AmCap, and if necessary that your volume control is set to record from the microphone. (From the Start bar choose "Run..." and type "sndvol32 -rec" which will show the currently selected recording device and a volume control).

When you have a completed sound&video file, click below to fill in the form and upload the file. Form