Shibboleth- recording video

To record audio on your computer, use any sound recording application that you're familiar with. Windows (Sorry, I don't have instructions for Mac/Linux etc.) includes one accessible from the start menu via "Programs--Accessories--Entertainment--Sound Recorder" You can also access it by typing "Sndrec32" at a command window or the "Run..." prompt on the Start menu.

Alternatively download it here : sndrec32 This is a link to an executable program distributed by Microsoft. I have scanned it and found it free of viruses, though if you have a virus scanner you can check it yourself.

Before starting choose "File-Properties" and click on Convert now. Make sure "PCM" is selected in the "Format" pulldown, and choose "16.000 kHz 16 bit Stereo" in the "Attributes" box. Mono is fine, as are higher frequencies. Click on OK, and again on OK to close the two dialogs.

When you're ready to record, click on the red circle. To stop, click on the black square, then choose "Save as" from the File menu, and store the file to disk.

Please record, in a single file, yourself saying the words or phrases in the following list; say each word in your normal accent, with a pause between lines. If you don't know how to say a word, make an attempt anyway. Except where specified they're English.

  1. Shibboleth
  2. ask
  3. h (the letter of the alphabet)
  4. half
  5. car
  6. castle
  7. tomato
  8. water
  9. been
  10. lalapaloosa
  11. visit
  12. about
  13. thither
  14. about
  15. rasgullah
  16. clothes
  17. Bother, father caught hot coffee in the car park.
  18. Scheveningen (Dutch town)
  19. perejil (Spanish word for parsley in Dominica)
If you made a mistake, stop, rewind and again and it will begin afresh. Play the file back to check it worked. If there's silence, check your sound output is working, and then check that you're recording from the right device by choosing "Edit-Audio Properties and choosing the "Sound recording" device, or open the Volume control with the button there.

Finally choose "Save as" from the File menu, and store the file to disk. Follow this link to upload the file and answer a few questions: Form

Andrew Senior
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