Physical hacks

Modifying Canon full-frame SLR extension tubes to work with a digital rebel X350

Do this at your own risk

I recently bought a Canon digital rebel after being assured in B&H that the lenses from my Canon EOS II (film camera) would work with it.

They didn't. I called Sigma and they confirmed that they wouldn't. I have basically given up on my old lenses. They were pretty battered anyway. (And now I've replaced them with Image Stabilizing lenses). However I did think I might be able to use my old extension tubes.

I found an article on the web that described a different situation, but decided I could probably use the same hack. I inscribed a slightly larger diameter circle on the mask part of the extension tube and enlared it with a Dremmel tool (with a drill bit)! After blowing all the dust out, the extension tube fits pretty snugly on my new lenses and seems to work just fine.

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