Gibbous sculpture photo Gibbous sculpture photo
Gibbous Rusted & polished steel, 4'. 1999. At the BWAC fall show, December 1999.

Gibbous is one of a series of steel sculptures that I have started that explores the vocabulary of form - those words with which we seek to describe the infinite variety of possible shapes. Gibbous describes a rounded shape, particularly the moon when convex but not full. The lunar theme of the gibbous top is echoed in the crescent base to the sculpture.

The surface patinas of different faces of this work are the contrasting rich rupestral rust and brightly polished metal.

Virtual Gibbous

I have also been experimenting with Gibbous as a virtual sculpture. This was originally as a VRML model, but more recently in a 3D modelling package (Blender), whence the image below:

Gibbous virtual sculpture rendering

You can also see Gibbous as an AVI video (1.6MB Indeo 5.0 codec.)

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Andrew Senior